Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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How To Stay In Front Of Issues With Refrigeration Systems

Keeping any refrigeration system running optimally requires attention. If you know when to call a refrigeration services contractor, your odds of solving the problem will increase significantly. Look for these four issues so you'll know when it's time to make that call.

External Condensation

Water should never collect anywhere nearby the refrigeration unit. If this happens, it's likely a sign that a seal is failing. The cold air from inside the system is escaping somewhere and mixing with the warmer air outside of it. This effectively acts as a condenser, and it causes humidity to drop from the air and collect on floors and walls.

External condensation is at a minimum a threat to the system's efficiency, and it will run up your utility bills. In the worst scenario, the settled moisture can promote mold growth and create health concerns.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If the temperature isn't steady after you close the unit for a while, that's a bad sign. After all, the entire point of refrigeration is to control the temperature inside the system. If the temperature wobbles up and down, there could be a failing seal. Likewise, the compressor, fans, or refrigerant might be failing.

Another problem to watch for is off-target temperatures. If you need to set the system to a lower temperature to make it achieve the expected one, that means there's a refrigeration issue. Consistent inconsistency is bad, even if you can cope with it. Ask for refrigeration services before the situation gets worse.

Accumulating Ice

Systems can also overshoot their marks and provide too much cooling. This can get severe enough that ice starts collecting in areas that aren't meant for freezing. Even if the contents are staying at the right temperature, this can limit the usable space inside the unit. It also can reduce airflow and potentially inhibit proper refrigeration. When the system operates within its manufacturer's specifications, ice shouldn't form anywhere.

If the unit has a freezer component, you might also see ice accumulations because a seal has failed. Humid air gets into the compartment, and then the water vapor freezes to the interior walls.


Finally, many systems will get noisier as they age. This problem can sneak up on you because the noise might not suddenly sound awful. However, anything above a low hum is a potential sign that a compressor or fan motor is potentially failing. Ask a refrigeration services technician to investigate the noise.

Contact a local refrigeration service to learn more.