Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Vibration Dampeners: What They Are And Their Effect On Your Heating System

The air handler unit of a heating system houses moving fan blades, a rotating motor, and other moving parts. When your heating system is running, these parts usually produce a lot of vibrations. And since most homes have metallic supply ducts, these vibrations are usually transmitted throughout the home. These irritating vibration noises then make the home uncomfortable to stay in.

Vibration dampeners and vibration noise reduction

Vibration dampeners help to minimize these noises by limiting the effectiveness of the transmission process. Since they are made of flexible rubberized or fabric material, these devices are usually able to absorb most of the vibrations. The net vibrations that get to the metal ductwork then becomes negligible, something that goes a long way towards ensuring a noise-free heating system.

It is important to note that vibration dampeners are effective noise-reducing devices only when properly installed. In order to be able to isolate the vibrations generated by the air handler unit, the vibration dampener needs to have enough space. Simply squashing it between two metals that are in close proximity won't do much as far as reducing vibration transmission is concerned.

Vibration dampeners and heating system hissing noises

The rotation of the air handler fans usually generates enough force to both suck air into the system and also push air through the supply ducts. Any small openings that occur on the supply end will cause air to leave the heating system at high speeds. The friction generated between the walls of the opening and the high-speed escaping air will then produce hissing sounds.

Over time, the fabric of vibration dampeners wears out. This causes the dampeners to develop tears. Poor installation of the rubberized dampeners can create spaces between the dampeners and the air handler or the supply ducts. These tears or openings will then serve as escape routes for heated air, something that will then lead to the production of hissing noises.

If you hear hissing noises coming from your heating system, annoying noises are not the only things that you have to worry about. This is because hissing noises are a symptom of escaping heated air. Your system's performance is suffering as a result of this. This, in addition to the fact that the openings also serve as entry routes for unconditioned air, means that your system will have to work harder and for longer in order to make your home comfortable. This will increase your energy bills. The good news is that replacing the malfunctioning vibration dampeners is all you have to do to not only restore your system's performance, but also eliminate any annoying noises.

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