Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Central vs Ductless HVAC Systems: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

An HVAC system helps improve the interior environments of buildings by controlling the temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of the air. The primary purpose of these systems is to achieve thermal comfort, maintain optimal moisture levels indoors, and keep the air clean and healthy for people to breathe.

If you live in a region that experiences both hot and cold temperature extremes, it helps to have an HVAC system in place. But which one is right for your home and family?

You have multiple types of HVAC units to choose from. However, the most common comes down to two choices: central and ductless units. Here's what you should know before choosing one over the other.

Central HVAC Units

If you live in an older house, it probably has HVAC ductwork incorporated into its design. HVAC ductwork refers to a network of conduits used to extract unconditioned air from a building's interior environment and distribute conditioned air throughout the building.

The conduits responsible for drawing air from a building's interiors are called return air ducts. On the other hand, those that help circulate the heated or cooled air all over the space are called supply air ducts. 

If you already have air ducts installed in your house, it makes sense to take advantage of them by installing a ducted or central HVAC system. This type of HVAC system is usually centrally-located and is ideal for whole-house heating and cooling. 

On the downside, it doesn't allow for individual temperature preferences, depriving homeowners of the ability to control the temperature of individual rooms or spaces. 

Ductless HVAC Units

Also known as a mini-split or duct-free system, a ductless HVAC unit is the most popular choice for modern homes. As the name implies, this kind of HVAC system uses separate components to create the ideal indoor environment for building occupants, with one or more air handling units mounted inside, typically on the walls near the ceiling of the house, and the accompanying unit outside.

Split system units usually go directly into the specific areas or rooms of the house that require heating, cooling, and ventilation. The indoor head units are connected to the outdoor units via copper piping that runs through the walls, eliminating the need to rely on ducts for air delivery.

Ductless heating and cooling are ideal for homeowners who want independent control of the temperature in specific rooms or areas of the house.

No matter the type of HVAC system you choose for your home, it will require professional installation to work safely, reliably, and efficiently. Talk to an HVAC contractor to get a quote for your residential HVAC installation.