Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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Understanding the Importance of HVAC Services

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4 Signs That The Ducts To Your AC System Are Leaking

The efficiency of your air conditioning system depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is its ability to distribute cool air throughout the home. With this in mind, note that the system will only distribute cool air throughout the house when you maintain the ducts. On the other hand, if they have holes or openings through which the conditioned air leaks, some rooms might not get enough cool air. Here are the top four signs that your ducts are leaking. 

Some Rooms Have a Higher Temperature

If some rooms in your home seem warmer, it could signify leaking ductwork. If this is the case, it means cool air is can't reach some areas of your home, hence some rooms will feel warmer. To remedy this, you must patch the leaks and ensure conditioned air ends up where it needs to go. This way, you can ensure consistent temperatures throughout the home.

When Your Indoor Space is Filled with Dirt and Debris

When there's a hole in the ducting, it's not just the cold air that might escape. This is because the outside air can also seep in. Further, the infiltrating air could be laden with debris like dirt and dust. When this happens, the air conditioner's filter, designed to collect dust and other particles, may be unable to keep the contaminated air from entering your home. As such, leaking ducts mean scavenging dust from one location and dispersing it across the house.

When the Energy Bill Keeps Rising

It takes a significant amount of energy to power an air conditioner. But if your power bill has gone up and it hasn't been unusually hot, something may be wrong with your air cooling system, and one possible cause is faulty ductwork. Note that if your duct leaks conditioned air, your home will remain warm. Ultimately, the thermostat will keep the air conditioner running and use more electricity than necessary to maintain the desired temperature.

Some Ducts Have Physical Damage

Most of the ductwork may be concealed behind walls or over ceilings. However, you can still perform a quick check on easily accessible vents or ducts. So, thoroughly inspect any discrepancies, such as broken or missing sheet metal, loose or corroded connections, and twisted ductwork. More so, remove any clutter or extraneous items blocking air vents, as this could strain and damage your ducts.

Consult an AC repair technician to help assess and determine which parts of your system need servicing. With the right help, you will easily seal leaking ducts and ensure a functional air-cooling system.